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A disgusting and heartbreaking story of the horrors of dog fighting.

It's a great day, the excitement already building up. We are in our SUV with our two kids, picnic coolers, sandwiches , and of course lots of beer. Going to the ocean? Well not exactly. We are on our way to a dog fight. We have brought beach chairs so we can be comfortable spending the whole afternoon watching the "sport." Pretty soon about 10 miles out of town the traffic picks up, and we take our place in a long line of cars turning down a dirt road, obviously in a wooded area. It's about a mile to a large gathering of people. All types of people there. Red necks, immigrants, women and children, rich and poor. We park the SUV and unload to a vacant spot near a large plywood circle. The plywood is about two feet high, and completely covered with blood. There are groups of people betting large sums of money on each of the coming fights. The dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, have been especially raised by unscrupulous individuals who train these dogs to be very vicious, and sell them to illegal tracks. There appears to be about 60 dogs here. They have been trained on "live" bait, stolen personal pets, cats, rabbits, all to create a good fighting dog. These dogs are bought from these illegal compounds and have been raised in a violent atmosphere. In the center of the ring is a guy with a bull horn, advising everyone to get there bets in now. He mentions the name of a few well known dogs and the crowd cheers when a` well known dog is mentioned. The children act like they are at Disneyworld.

Brutality at the Worst, Ctsy: all-creatures.org

It is SHOWTIME, and everyone starts moving towards the plywood circle, and you can feel the excitement increasing as the first fight is near. The first fight is a favorite with the crowd, and begins by throwing two rabbits in the ring. They are frightened and try to get out, but the first Pit bull comes rushing in and catches the first one. One bite from his powerful jaws takes the head off the rabbit. In another second the next rabbit is shredded and leaves nothing but a bloody skin. In short time both rabbits were ripped to pieces. The crowd loves it and everyone is laughing
and anxiously awaiting the next fight. The first real fight is announced, and the favorite of the crowd is a Pit bull named the "crusher." He is allowed in the ring first to the applause of the crowd. Then his opponent comes in, he appears to be smaller and frightened. This match takes about 30 seconds when the Crusher takes off his opponents ears, his lower jaw ripped off, and the final blow when he rips open his stomach. There are intestines all over the ring, and then a "worker" enters and fires a 22 bullet in his head. Several more "contests" are held, and by now the ring and plywood are covered with fresh blood. Several dead dogs are stacked up at the rear of the ring, Another crowd favorite is when someone's stolen pet is thrown in the ring. The last one was a Cocker Spaniel that was quickly shredded and ripped to the bone. He was then thrown onto the growing pile of dead dogs.

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Everyone knows the "big" event is next. They all enjoy the "Hog Dog" match. A hog of medium size is let into the ring. He panics and runs around the ring looking for a way out. There is no way out. Then the Pit Bull rushes in, chases the hog down, and tears his stomach open, then clamps a grip on his head. His teeth have been ground to a point and the damage is immediate and severe. He continues to chew on the hogs head until it is not even recognizable. This event was obviously the favorite because of the blood and gore. After a few more fights it was time to leave. Many men bragged about how much money they made, and after a few more beers the crowd started to leave. These dog fights are the most brutal and cruel events, beyond your wildest imagination. What kind of scum bags are involved in running these tragic and vicious, bloody, brutal fights? Make no mistake about it, this is big business, involving drugs, money, gambling, brutality, cruelty, and weapons. It is an indication of exactly what we have become as a nation. More and more people are raising hundreds of Pit bulls, selling them to the track promoters who produce these fights. Gambling, drugs, and drinking are quite acceptable now, as is brutality and cruelty.

As we departed the "arena" everyone was laughing and obviously enjoyed the bloodbath. Only problem is that there were over dogs, hogs, cats, and rabbits stacked up to be thrown into the dumpster. Any dog that lost, or had any injury got a 22 bullet in his head.

This Pitiful Dog Will Be Destroyed, ctsy:all-creatures.org

This business is becoming well organized, with some Pit bulls bringing $5,000. Most cities and Police departments know of these activities but are reluctant to act because gangs have gotten in the business. Most think that the fights only occur out in the woods. Not so. In the cities they are using large buildings and paint the windows, making a nice place for the gangs to meet.

So what has happened to our so called "society.? Are there any decent people left.? It is a fact that a person who is cruel to animals is more likely to exhibit brutality towards humans. Lets face it, our cities are becoming increasingly violent, with drive by shootings, rapes, theft, murder, property damage, and now teenagers who have fun beating a homeless man to death with a baseball bat.

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