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The Shep Memorial

With renewed interest generated by the fiftieth anniversary of Shep's death, the community of Fort Benton organized a committee to produce a lasting memorial to their famous dog. The West's most renown sculptor, Bob Scriver, was contracted to create a heroic-sized bronze statue of Shep. Etched bricks and miniature bronze statues were sold to finance the project, at a cost of about $75,0000.00.

A beautiful site along the levee of the Missouri River was selected for the memorial. Located in the park across from the Grand Union Hotel along Front Street, Shepherd's Court quickly became the town's focal point. The large bronze statue was placed on a rough granite stone from a local quarry. The stone is low enough to permit even small children to stand beside the faithful dog - for petting and for pictures.

A thirty-foot brick octagon surrounds the statue, where over seven hundred people have already placed a memorial brick to a loved one or to a beloved pet. There is room for seventeen hundred bricks in the completed Shepherd's Court.

From photograph's and a Shep "look-alike,"
Scriver developed an imposing resemblance
to Shep, expectantly standing with ears cocked, tail up, and his two front paws on the rail. He gazes longingly down the track awaiting his master's return. The statue is a fitting tribute
to the faithfulness of man's best friend, and a reminder of the wonderful story of Shep,
Forever Faithful.

For information on the bricks to be placed in Shepherd's Court contact:

The Shep Committee
c/o The River & Plains Society
PO Box 262
Fort Benton, Montana 59442-0262


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