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Page 2 - Disgusting "RESEARCH" will break your heart.

A fully conscious monkey is undergoing a procedure while being restrained in a glass tube.

This monkey had surgery performed as part of an experiment, without medication.

Another monkey with a similar belly wound inflicted by the researchers. She is also wearing one of those heavy collars.

A Macaque monkey named Elisa has electrodes, tubes, and other metal devices permanently attached to her skull.

A hole was drilled and a probe placed inside for injecting various chemical substances. Experiments like this can last for months, or until the monkey dies.

This monkey just had major abdominal surgery as part of a biomedical experiment.

These pitiful monkeys huddle together for comfort while waiting for some horrible operation to get holes drilled in their head.

This monkey’s silent plea for help should touch your heart. Stop animal exploitation NOW !

This entire family of gorillas was killed for their flesh. Is there any end to the evil of which the human is capable?

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